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 (ā′tə-lŏn′, ĕt′ə-)
A type of interferometer in which incoming light is repeatedly refracted and reflected between two surfaces into multiple beams that are then focused together, causing self-interference of the light.

[French étalon, standard (of weight or a unit of measurement), reference point, etalon (in reference to the fixed widths between the two surfaces in the first such interferometers), from Old French estalon, standard, of Germanic origin; akin to Middle Dutch stael, model, sample.]
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(General Physics) physics a device used in spectroscopy to measure wavelengths by interference effects produced by multiple reflections between parallel half-silvered glass or quartz plates
[C20: French étalon a fixed standard of weights and measures, from Old French estalon; see also stallion]
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Recently, several optical ultrasound detectors were developed with different structures, such as Fabry-Perot (FP) etalon [36-39], microring resonator [40,41], and fiber Bragg grating (FBG) [42,43].
The Camera Quark unit is a powered Fabry-Perot etalon that is placed between your lens and DSLR camera using the included Canon or Nikon adapter.
Reconduit apres coup, il reste capable de progres spontanes surtout qu'il est issu du grand etalon Zamango, laureat d'un grand prix du president et de la talentueuse Bassa Della.
WACS's enabling technology, a single lossless optical resonant cavity (Fabry-Perot etalon), spectrally separates light that sees the gas of interest from light that doesn't by tuning the cavity to coincide with the gas absorption.
A few years ago, Serpe's group discovered that by sandwiching pNIPAm-based microgels between two layers of reflective material--in their case, gold--you can create an optical device called an etalon that reflects only certain frequencies of light.
The film took Fespaco's top prize, the Yennenga Etalon d'Or, at the closing ceremony of the festival's 23rd edition before an audience of some 15,000 people in Burkina capital Ouagadougou's main stadium.