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 (ā′tə-lŏn′, ĕt′ə-)
A type of interferometer in which incoming light is repeatedly refracted and reflected between two surfaces into multiple beams that are then focused together, causing self-interference of the light.

[French étalon, standard (of weight or a unit of measurement), reference point, etalon (in reference to the fixed widths between the two surfaces in the first such interferometers), from Old French estalon, standard, of Germanic origin; akin to Middle Dutch stael, model, sample.]


(General Physics) physics a device used in spectroscopy to measure wavelengths by interference effects produced by multiple reflections between parallel half-silvered glass or quartz plates
[C20: French étalon a fixed standard of weights and measures, from Old French estalon; see also stallion]
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Si pour Diawara l'absence est toleree en raison de sa participation avec les Etalons qui affronteront aujourd'hui le Benin, elle l'est moins pour Malo qui a decide de prolonger son sejour familial.
The last time the Eagles played in that stadium was a friendly against the Etalons of Burkina Faso in September 2013.
The leftover, unbound polymer is then added to the etalons, where the corresponding colour change indicates how much polymer is left, and in turn, how much streptavidin there was to bind with.
Les Etalons du Burkina, eux, preparent la Coupe d'Afrique 2015.
Les Burkinabe etaient dimanche soir fiers des Etalons malgre la deception apres la defaite face au Nigeria 1 a 0 en finale de la CAN-2013 de football a Johannesburg, et ont accueilli leurs heros lundi avec ferveur.
Our arrival may not have generated quite the frenzy that Beckham's did, but Normandy stud owners still gave pilgrims on the Route des Etalons - where farms throw open their gates for stallion viewings for a weekend - a warm reception and put on a great show.
Tunable "set and forget" dynamic compensation technologies using fiber Bragg gratings, etalons and other technologies are providing a more flexible alternative to fixed dispersion compensation modules (DCMs.
This process produces high-end thermoelectric cooler (TEC) packages for a variety of telecommunications, medical and military applications, such as lasers, temperature-controlled etalons, high-speed detectors and temperature reference sources.
Duchamp's Trois Stoppages etalons [Three standard stoppages] definitely has something in common with Pollock.
Illustrates day-to-day software measurement issues that have not been seriously addressed, from convertibility across measurement designs to measurement standard etalons
Sacre meilleur buteur du championnat local, Diawara n'a pas reussi a se faire une place chez les Etalons, du fait que le selectionneur, Paul Putt, considerait qu'il n'avait pas sa place au sein de la selection nationale.
Les Etalons ont desormais rendez-vous avec le Nigeria, dimanche soir a Johannesburg, tandis que les Black Stars rencontreront le Mali dans la "petite finale", exactement comme lors du tournoi precedent (victoire malienne 2-0).