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v. etched, etch·ing, etch·es
a. To cut into the surface of (glass, for example) by the action of acid, especially by coating the surface with wax or another protective layer and drawing lines with a needle and then using the acid to form the lines on the unprotected parts of the surface.
b. To make or create by this method: etch a design on glass.
a. To draw or write by cutting or scraping: etched his initials in the metal.
b. To cut or scrape something in or on: etched the metal with a knife.
3. To impress or delineate clearly: a landscape that is forever etched in my memory; trees that are etched against the sky.
To engage in etching.

[Dutch etsen, from German ätzen, from Middle High German etzen, from Old High German ezzen, to eat; see ed- in Indo-European roots.]

etch′er n.
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Noun1.etcher - someone who etches
artist, creative person - a person whose creative work shows sensitivity and imagination
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SPI Supplies' Plasma Prep III is a compact, benchtop plasma etcher that uses dry plasma chemistry to reveal hidden detail for SEM and TEM analysis.
Caregivers said patients receiving the treatment seemed more awake and alert, were more verbally competent and showed improved recognition, recollection and motor coordination, reported LuAnn Nowak Etcher, Ph.
The Varathane Renewal Floor Refinishing Kit ($68) includes enough liquid etcher and urethane finish to cover about 225 sq.
In our fall preview of noteworthy exhibitions from around the world, Alpers sizes up the Boston Museum of Fine Arts' "Rembrandt's Journey: Painter, Draftsman, Etcher," which opens October 26.
In this, his second season as director, Deschamps opened the evening with a salute to Jacques Callot, a well-known seventeenth-century etcher from the city of Nancy, the Ballet de Lorraine's host city.
Contract award notice: Supply of etchers: 1 icp etcher bcb; 1 ccp etcher gold or a cluster with one of the mentioned etchers