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v. etched, etch·ing, etch·es
a. To cut into the surface of (glass, for example) by the action of acid, especially by coating the surface with wax or another protective layer and drawing lines with a needle and then using the acid to form the lines on the unprotected parts of the surface.
b. To make or create by this method: etch a design on glass.
a. To draw or write by cutting or scraping: etched his initials in the metal.
b. To cut or scrape something in or on: etched the metal with a knife.
3. To impress or delineate clearly: a landscape that is forever etched in my memory; trees that are etched against the sky.
To engage in etching.

[Dutch etsen, from German ätzen, from Middle High German etzen, from Old High German ezzen, to eat; see ed- in Indo-European roots.]

etch′er n.
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Noun1.etcher - someone who etches
artist, creative person - a person whose creative work shows sensitivity and imagination
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Curator Alex Patterson examines some of the etchings; below, some of the tools of the etcher's trade COLIN LANE
When there isn't flaking or peeling, he recommends using a product such as Quikrete's Cleaner, Etcher and Degreaser ($18.98 a gallon at Home Depot).
An exhibition, titled 'Print Rebels', opens at Bankside Gallery in London on 25 April, celebrating the surgeon and etcher Francis Seymour Haden.
Summary: "The silence is Beirut's loudest cry," said Lebanese painter and etcher Brahim Samaha at the opening of his first Beirut solo exhibition.
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This color-illustrated work surveys the career of 20th-century painter and etcher Armin Hansen (1886-1957), who painted the beaches, natural areas, and fishermen of CaliforniaAEs Monterey Bay.
A William Renison, who was born in Glasgow, was a painter, etcher and engraver.
The self-taught etcher and trained architect loved to depict buildings in states of construction, restoration or demolition.
Finally, the last major thing we will be doing is getting our own custom etcher and offering custom-etched Tints for individuals and businesses with less than a two-week turnaround by the summer.
He was a decorator and designer first, but also a talented artist and etcher in his spare time, exhibiting at the Royal Academy.