eternal damnation

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Noun1.eternal damnation - the state of being condemned to eternal punishment in Hell
state - the way something is with respect to its main attributes; "the current state of knowledge"; "his state of health"; "in a weak financial state"
fire and brimstone - (Old Testament) God's means of destroying sinners; "his sermons were full of fire and brimstone"
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But then my father's love asserted itself, and I vowed that I would prefer eternal damnation to further separation from her if she could be found.
Then there were a thousand of my red and green warrior friends whom I knew would face eternal damnation gladly for my sake.
This separation/death will end in the ultimate separation that is eternal damnation.
Also known as Candlemas Day, many Catholic churches will hold the traditional procession of blessed candles to remind the faithful that "Jesus is the Light of the world, who, by His birth, saved the human race from eternal damnation and expelled the darkness of evil and death.
Forrest Payne, the owner of the Pink Slipper Gentleman's Club, and Miss Beatrice Jordan, famous for stationing herself at the edge of the club's parking lot and yelling warnings of eternal damnation at the departing patrons, their wedding summons a legend to town.
From this I would deduce that isolated sins against the 5th/6th Commandments (invariably singled out for sending people to Hell) certainly do not merit eternal damnation.
Some theologians have wanted to discard the idea of hell altogether because it seems that for the divine to become a human being is an act of love that cannot be harmonized with eternal damnation.
1) There is nothing to be gained by creating a sea of hellfire without end, for there can be no learning in eternal damnation.
This legendary Elizabethan tragedy tells the tale of a man who sells his soul to the devil, exchanging 24 years of omnipotence for eternal damnation.
There is just one catch - the bottle can only be sold on for less than the current owner paid for it, or it's a case of eternal damnation.
Shakil had claimed she feared eternal damnation if she did not make the journey, and told loved ones staying in the UK in a damaged relationship with her estranged husband would "lead me to hell".
For A' That and A' That", Robert Burns Nothing in the world delights a truly religious people so much, as consigning them to eternal damnation.