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tr.v. e·ter·nized, e·ter·niz·ing, e·ter·niz·es
a. To make eternal.
b. To protract for an indefinite period.
2. To make perpetually famous; immortalize.

[French éterniser, from Old French eterne, eternal; see eterne.]

e·ter′ni·za′tion (-nĭ-zā′shən) n.
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Monument of the National Hero of Azerbaijan Albert Agarunov is erected for eternization of his memory in Baku, Israfil Karimov, chief of press service of the Baku City Executive Power Authority told APA.
'Eternity' finally, or perhaps even better: 'eternization' wants to describe provisions that go beyond entrenchment by divesting (certain parts of) the constitution of any form of revision.
In Delia, Samuel Daniel turns from the reckless and rueful Astrophil in his persona to a narrative stressing the superior power of virtue and the eternization of Delia (the anagram of "ideal").