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Lianhua, Pengmei, Wen, Zhongming, & Zhenhong (2010) worked with the etherification of Tung's oil with an acid index of 7 mg KOH [g.
Water, a by-product of etherification reactions, is continuously removed, driving the reaction to completion.
It possesses lots of hydroxyl groups in its glucose units and can be chemically modified by grafting, oxidation, and etherification, through which starch derivatives can be used for removal of metal ions [21].
The company specializes in a wide range of organic reaction technologies such as Amination, condensation, hydrogenation; Amidation, dehydrogenation & Mannich Reaction; Alkylation, diazotization & nitration; Bromination, esterifiction & oxidation; Catalytic hydrogenation, etherification & reduction; Chlorination & hydrogenation.
It is also used in the etherification of wood, purification of organosilicon compound mixtures, and disinfection of crude oil products.
The recipient of CSIR Technology Award of 2015, ENSEL is CSIR-NCLs breakthrough double-edged technology for transesterification of seed oils and etherification of glycerin.
Jayakannan, M, Van, Dongen J L J, Behera, GC, Ramakrishan, S, "SEC-MALDI-TOF Mass Spectral Characterization of a Hyperbranched Polyether Prepared Via Melt Trans Etherification.
The groups of lignin appeared 110-160 ppm, C3/C5 of etherification S-lignin at 152-153ppm, C-1 of unetherification S-lignin and G-lignin at 132.
An oxygenate blend stock formed by the catalytic etherification of isobutylene with ethanol.
At first, p-nitrophenoxy alkanes were synhesized by the Williamson etherification of p- nitrophenol with corresponding dibromoalkanes [27].
CMC can be found vastly in plants from wood to renewable agricultural waste or biomass feedstock resources, [13] whereas chitosan was extracted from the external skeleton (shell) of marine crustaceans such as shrimp shells, crab shells and fungal mycelia [14] CMC is a linear anionic polysaccharide of anhydroglucose units linked by C-1 and C-4 ether bonds known as P-1,4 glycosidic linkages with extensive intramolecular hydrogen bonding, a cellulose derivative prepared from alkaline cellulose and chloroacetic acid by etherification and usually used as its sodium salt (cellulose gum) [15].
Kinetics of solid acid catalyzed etherification of symmetrical primary alcohols: zeolithe BEA catalyzed etherification of 1-octanol.