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tr.v. e·ther·ized, e·ther·iz·ing, e·ther·iz·es
1. To subject to the fumes of ether; anesthetize.
2. To etherify.

e′ther·i·za′tion (ē′thər-ĭ-zā′shən) n.
e′ther·iz′er n.
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Peripheral blood samples were collected from the angular vein of mice on day 70 after etherization, and serum was obtained following a standard protocol.
Isolation and primary culture of vascular smooth muscle cells Under etherization, Wistar rats were killed by dislocation of the neck, which was approved by the Local Ethics Committee of Medical Research Center.
Animals were killed by etherization. Evaluation of immune state included determination of relative content of T- and B- lymphocytes (CD3+, CD20+lymphocytes), immune regulatory lymphocytes T-helpers/inductors (CD4) and Tcytotoxic/suppressors (CD8), natural killers (CD16) by a method of indirect rosetteformation (Zalyalieva, 2004; Cheredeev, Gorlina and Kozlov, 1999) by using of monoclonal antibodies of "ICO" series (MedBioSpectr, Russia), determination of phagocytosis activity of neutrophils (PhAN) and circulating immune complexes (CIC).