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Noun1.ethical code - a system of principles governing morality and acceptable conduct
system of rules, system - a complex of methods or rules governing behavior; "they have to operate under a system they oppose"; "that language has a complex system for indicating gender"
precept, principle - rule of personal conduct
double standard - an ethical or moral code that applies more strictly to one group than to another
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She stated that this year, the positive image of women was appeared more than the negative images, pointing out that there is a commitment to the ethical code of the media established by the NCW's media committee and approved by the Supreme Council for Media Regulation.
Levitt, Farry and Mazzarella (2015) argue that every professional organization needs an ethical code in order to maintain structure, consistency, and unity for the profession.
A year later, Rogers assembled a team and began to explore the idea of formulating a professional ethical code. Among other objectives, his goal was to ensure that APA members would never commit such atrocities (Joyce & Rankin, 2010).
Studying organizational ethical aspects in the international context of different educational systems of the world, Shapira-Lishchinsky focuses on teachers' withdrawal behaviors and the development of an ethical code for educators and teachers that can serve as a tool for reducing misbehaviors and withdrawal behaviors among teachers.
The Press Council of Pakistan (PCP), established under an Ordinance in 2002, was however meant to implement an "ethical code of practice" and attend to complaints whenever they emerged.
Under the notice, the newspaper is allegedly in breach of Clause (9) of the ethical code of practice of the PCP Ordinance, 2002 'bringing into contempt, Pakistan or its people...
LAHORE -- The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan has expressed concern over a notice served by the Press Council of Pakistan (PCP) on Dawn for what it called violating the Ethical Code of Practice by publishing an interview of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif.
Jewish relations with Christians and Muslims were far from happy, as we know from history, but Jewish authorities considered them to be fellow monotheists, bound by an ethical code. Not so with the ancient pagans, who were considered to be something between atheists and demon-worshipers, capable of any iniquity.
However, some sections of print and electronic media continue to disclose identities of the victims in sheer disregard of federal orders stipulated in Section 14 of the Ethical Code of Practice of the Press Council of Pakistan Ordinance 2002.
I'm proud to be a member of an organization that's so dedicated to helping financial professionals improve their customer service while developing mentorship and charitable programs for financial professionals to take part in." He went on to say, "I have been so impressed and inspired by the ethical code of the MDRT that I've created a code for my firm that works in concert with the MDRT's code."
He added that it is important that a framework for continuous awareness raising for biosafety, laboratory biosecurity and ethical code of conduct, and training is provided.