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He draws on the insights of phenomenology to show how we can recognize cultural difference without lapsing into ethical nihilism, and makes a compelling case for Platonic idealism as a way of life.
Ethical nihilism would probably have struck Bakunin as a contradiction in terms and the notion that morality implied a 'logic' of authoritarianism (Rousselle 2012:160) as simply facile.
Against the tendencies evident in so much modern social science writing, which Alfred Schutz got right back in 1940 when he pointed to its lethal mix of 'intellectual vacuity and ethical nihilism', Wahl makes a refreshing change.
As civil society is seen in such a manner any and all civic engagement ends up into a solipsistic chaotic civil society but begins in skepticism and transforms itself through an ethical nihilism to the belief that all of civil society is about me and the fulfilling of my personal needs.
Those obligations entail that I make a strenuous effort to turn my students away from ethical nihilism, for example, and that I make an unsubtle argument for the immunity of noncombatants.
And yet I do not plunge human reality into ethical nihilism, for in choosing I am choosing for others as well.
The culture of scientists is "defiantly affirmative." There is little evidence that even in the post-academic world, scientists are crippled by "philosophical skepticism, sociological constructionism, political cynicism, ethical nihilism and historical incommensurabilism" (330).
Rejecting ethical nihilism, subjectivism, and recent forms of ethical skepticism, he advocates a form of ethical skepticism that is "continuous with our quest for knowledge in all fields of human endeavor".