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1. Of, relating to, or dealing with ethics: an ethical treatise.
2. Being in accordance with the accepted principles of right and wrong that govern the conduct of a profession: an ethical act. See Synonyms at moral.
3. Relating to or being a drug dispensed solely on the prescription of a physician.

eth′i·cal·ly adv.
eth′i·cal·ness, eth′i·cal′i·ty (-kăl′ĭ-tē) n.
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1. A rule or habit of conduct with regard to right and wrong or a body of such rules and habits:
ethic, moral (used in plural), morality.
2. The moral quality of a course of action:
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The NCAA, at the end of a brutally image-diminishing basketball winter, can only hope the public buys into that elastic ethicality. Because Pearl -- remarkably hired at Auburn in 2014 while still under show-cause restrictions from his improprieties at Tennessee -- to many is now the most prominent embodiment of all that has gone so horribly wrong with college basketball.
While most of us think of ourselves as ethical, our ethicality, like our rationality, is bounded, notes Eva Tsahuridu, a professor and industry fellow at RMIT
This volume explores the economic, social, ethical, moral, and spiritual values in business and their impact on the world, focusing on a framework of legality, ethicality, morality, and spirituality as a tool for corporate thinking.
We opt for Great Lengths hair extensions which are renowned across the globe for their quality and ethicality.
Others go for similar principles of fairness and ethicality, but to be Shari'ah compliant, it's not just about principles, it's about process.
It was the ethicality of candidate Sirisena's message that had the greatest political aesthetics in 2015.
A similar survey of educational leaders found even less agreement, with strong disagreement about the ethicality of one third of the example classroom assessment practices (Johnson, Green, Kim, & Pope, 2008).
Throughout her article she asks questions about the ethicality of probing the scant stories she has inherited for more information.
Kwesi Botchwey who speaks on the topic: 'Ethicality, Democracy and National Development: The Legacy of President Atta Mills.'
Moreover, certain environments can lead to "bounded ethicality." In one fascinating study, individuals who were told that they were wearing counterfeit sunglasses were more likely to cheat than those who were told that their sunglasses were genuine.
In "The Law of Good People: Challenging States' Ability to Regulate Human Behavior", Yuval Feldman (The Mori Lazarof Professor of Legal Research at Bar-Ilan University Faculty of Law) analyzes these paradigms and provides a broad theoretical and empirical comparison of traditional and non-traditional enforcement mechanisms to advance our understanding of how states can better deal with misdeeds committed by normative citizens blinded by cognitive biases regarding their own ethicality. By bridging the gap between new findings of behavioral ethics and traditional methods used to modify behavior, Professor Feldman proposes a 'law of good people' that should be read by scholars and policymakers around the world.
Many empirical studies have suggested that idealism is associated with greater morality, and relativism is associated with lower ethicality (e.g., Kenhove, Vermeir, & Veniers 2001).