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 (ĕth′ĭ-sĭst) also e·thi·cian (ĕ-thĭsh′ən)
A specialist in ethics.
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Noun1.ethician - a philosopher who specializes in ethics
philosopher - a specialist in philosophy
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The commies could in fact still seal a deal with DIKO if they agreed to make Ethician their candidate.
Russell is dead set (sorry) against the death penalty and founded the Universal Ethician Church.
In this relaxed, if noxious atmosphere, Hegelton mused on the 18th century Irish ethician, Francis Hutcheson.
The answer may be the prima-facie duties suggested by an English ethician, Ross (1930).
Nevertheless, the scientific data provides invaluable evidence for the ethician and members of a hospital review board, who decide responsibilities, conflicts, and policies for their practicing professional community.