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 (ĕth′ĭ-sĭst) also e·thi·cian (ĕ-thĭsh′ən)
A specialist in ethics.
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Noun1.ethicist - a philosopher who specializes in ethics
philosopher - a specialist in philosophy
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--Adapted from 'The Ethicist' in The New York Times Magazine
The Freedom of a Christian Ethicist: The Future of a Reformation Legacy
[is] interested in how evil has been manifested throughout the centuries; the ethicist ...
The New York Times "Ethicist" column is about to get a lot funnier -- and perhaps a bit less, well, ethical.
One might assume that the role of the clinical ethicist is to offer morally normative advice to healthcare practitioners.
As a human being and also as a medical ethicist, I support the proposed "opt-out" plan and I sincerely thank all supporters, particularly supporters who are not yet a receiver of a donated organ or waiting to receive one.
A similar situation occurs when the ethicist is working as part of a larger project in which funding for the ELSI researcher's position comes from, and is administered by, the project's PI.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 7, 2011-New York Times Magazine names Ariel Kaminer as first ethicist columnist(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
For those unfamiliar, The Ethicist is a column in The New York Times Magazine in which Randy Cohen plays nondenominational rabbi to a flock of Times readers facing ethical dilemmas.
As Kerry Bowman, an ethicist Falconer interviewed, also points out, the end of a loved one's life is a profoundly emotional experience.
The New York Times Magazine's famed ethicist columnist Randy Cohen is bringing his wisdom of the week to the newspaper's Web site.