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Noun1.ethics panel - a committee appointed to consider ethical issues
commission, committee - a special group delegated to consider some matter; "a committee is a group that keeps minutes and loses hours" - Milton Berle
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Fifa on Thursday banned the former treasurer of South America's football federation for life after an ethics panel found him guilty of bribery.Romer Osuna, who also once headed Bolivia's football federation, was among a group of South American football officials charged with corruption in 2015 amid the unprecedented scandal that triggered sweeping reform within Fifa.
The recommendations for sanctions come after Jalisi had been warned numerous times about his behavior by both the ethics panel and House Speaker Michael E.
Suarez said no disciplinary sanction can be meted out against Garin unless the ethics panel has conducted an investigation and has found the lawmaker guilty.
Regulators in China have set up a new ethics panel to review online games, a sign of progress toward restarting approvals, The Wall Street Journal reports.
Bertiz drew flak from women's groups after blaming his outburst to "menstrual cycles." The House ethics panel is looking into the incident.
Thursday's Ethics Panel report concerned a separate issue, namely that he tried to extort money "to help" Kenyan athletes who had tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs, either by covering up their tests or for arranging lighter sentences, a charge he and Mwangi both denied.
The judgement, however, showed that Nike had clearly been concerned about how the funds were being used and that the ethics panel was satisfied that in many, though not all of the instances it investigated, funds were being siphoned off.
The House ethics panel initiated an investigation to Collins in October, citing concern about his relationship with Innate.
The House Ethics panel said it is also reviewing whether Farenthold or someone acting on his behalf directed his congressional staff to work on his campaigns.
The ethics panel investigation will also look into allegations that the Texas GOP representative also made inappropriate statements to other members of his staff.
Therefore, Buckley - or any other legislator who takes a regular job at any Oregon public agency - isn't subject to the lobby ing waiting period, the ethics panel said.
The ethics panel had asked the board to direct it to draft an opinion with a "safe harbor" provision to protect Florida attorneys if they split fees in cases with attorneys from other jurisdictions who work in firms that have nonlawyer owners.