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n. etmoidectomía, extirpación de las células etmoideas o de parte del hueso etmoide.
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The presence of Haller cells can increase the risk of orbital injury during ethmoidectomy. Haller cells can predispose to maxillary sinusitis.
An anterior ethmoidectomy also was performed to complete the opening of the ostiomeatal complex (figure 2).
The advantage of FESS is the avoidance of external ethmoidectomy and associated external facial scar and an early drainage of the affected sinuses and subperiosteal abcess14.
Right uncinectomy, right antrostomy and right anterior ethmoidectomy were done.
Factors likely to increase the risk of MiTLAF include the presence of matched mucosal abrasions on the lateral surface of the middle turbinate (MT) and the lateral nasal wall, mucosal abrasions at the axillary region of the MT, resulting in lateralising contractile forces during wound healing, MT destabilisation secondary to posterior ethmoidectomy or sphenoid access procedures, and postoperative blood clot formation [4, 5].
A bifrontal craniotomy was performed by the neurosurgery team and bilateral maxillary antrostomy, ethmoidectomy, and sphenoidotomy were performed by otolaryngology along with resection of the tumor under endoscopic guidance.
Within one month of the biopsy, the patient underwent a left orbital exenteration with partial maxillectomy and partial ethmoidectomy. The final pathology was positive for ES with rhabdoid features of the left medial orbital wall, stage pT2 N0 M0 (see Figure 3).
Right posterior ethmoidectomy, sphenoidotomy, and draining the content in the Onodi cell (Figure 3) were performed and found whitish bloody mucoid discharge in the Onodi cell with dehiscence of the superior wall exposing the right optic nerve.
She had undergone bilateral orbital decompression 15 months previously via endonasal access with ethmoidectomy and underwent bilateral radiation of the orbit.
We performed bilateral ethmoidectomy and right-sided middle meatal antrostomy and found that the right maxillary sinus was filled with mucopurulent secretions.
Complications of intranasal ethmoidectomy: a review of 1,000 consecutive operations.
The patient underwent bilateral endoscopic anterior ethmoidectomy and left-sided lateral resection of the concha bullosa under general anaesthesia.