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The ruler of a province or people.

[Greek ethnarkhēs : ethnos, nation; see ethnic + -arkhēs, -arch.]

eth′nar′chy n.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the ruler of a people or province, as in parts of the Roman and Byzantine Empires
[C17: from Greek ethnarkhēs, from ethnos nation + arkhein to rule]
ˈethnarchy n
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Noun1.ethnarch - the ruler of a province (as in the Roman Empire and Byzantine Empire) or certain religious rulers with secular authority; "the election of Makarios III to archbishop gave him the status of the ethnarch of Cyprus"
ruler, swayer - a person who rules or commands; "swayer of the universe"
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Making sure we don't forget the glory of Pafos2017 just yet will be the concert From Bach to Prokofiev on January 26 at the Ethnarch Makarios III Lyceum at 8.
Ravanan the ethnarch of Lanka, ruled Rameswaram, Janasthanam, Dandaka and many other regions in the South India, was a Brahmin by birth and after his demise; his body was cremated according to the Brahmanical rites.
40) This appears to be after the Fall of Constantinople (1453), once the patriarch became ethnarch of the Christian millet in the Ottoman Empire.
If, in fact, the Jews in Rome represent "a diverse community of individually structured congregations" (Wiefel 92) lacking a single, controlling organizational head as, for example, the ethnarch in Alexandria, how could synagogues have had the role D.
Judaea did not become a province directly administered by a Roman governor until AD 6, when Herod's son and successor Archelaus was demoted from his position of ruler or ethnarch.
IN my capacity as Ethnarch of Cyprus and on the insistence of the people who have of their own accord assembled outside the Archbishopric I came here in order to bring to Your Excellency's knowledge that on account of the arrest of certain citizens of Cyprus the situation created is such as to be pregnant of imminent dangers in general.
The Castle is a prophetic evocation of the realm in which the heart is frozen and the soul is dead, and in which spiritual nullity reigns as the Great Ethnarch.
The terms protarch, deutarch, and ethnarch designate the holder of authority, the "superior" or government, in those various societies.
88) Hyrcanus had operated as high priest and latterly also as ethnarch under the Roman governor of Syria.
The document in 1 Maccabees 14 recording the public appointment of Simon as ethnarch, high priest, and strategos is written in a style strikingly reminiscent of documents from the Hellenistic world.
On the music front, Russian pianist Vladimir Ovhinnikov will perform on November 5 at 8pm at the A' Lycem Ethnarch Makarios III.
The best of ten foals out of the daughter of Ethnarch was the 1945 Middle Park Stakes winner Khaled (by Hyperion), who later found fame as the sire of the brilliant American colt Swaps.