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1. The branch of anthropology that deals with the description of specific human cultures, using methods such as close observation and interviews.
2. A text produced using such methods.

eth·nog′ra·pher n.
eth′no·graph′ic (ĕth′nə-grăf′ĭk), eth′no·graph′i·cal adj.
eth′no·graph′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.ethnographical - of or relating to ethnography; "ethnographical data"
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It ought to be like the natural sciences, and to observe given phenomena and the laborer in his economic, ethnographical..."
During this period, there was a marked increase in the items collected - including bird, mammal, fish, insect, plans, ethnographical, palaeontological and geological specimens.
The book is based on ethnographical field research which was conducted over several years in three different Dutch cities.
Some images were hand-colored by over-painting, often much too gaudily to be of any real ethnographical or cultural interest, detracting greatly from their original integrity and worth.
Political Science and Economics students may object to non-rigorous Style Manuals: numbered notes appended to chapters are not footnotes, just acknowledgements and aide-memoire or hupomnemata by ethnographical contributors about gathering information (pp.
Thick's The Great Water: A Documentary History of Michigan contains early histories of the Native-American Anishinabek tribes and news reports, stories, letters, and historical records of Michigan's more modern past in this ethnographical text of Michigan's history.
Pierce Salguero's contribution is ethnographical in nature.
This will be performed through the following steps: defining the structure of the orographic lexicon within the Kildin Saami language; conducting a componential and culturological analysis of the studied lexical set; and comparing the interpretations of the lexical meanings of lexemes in the Kildin Saami orographic subset found in the lexicographical and ethnographical sources and in the field research materials.
Cultural properties are the inherited endowments of a nation, a race or a man, and they include artistic, historical, archaeological, ethnographical and even scientific and natural objects.
Spread over 10 acres, the museum is a haven for desert flora and fauna apart from being the repository of living traditions documented through hours of ethnographical interviews on the folk practices of the state.