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The branch of anthropology that analyzes and compares human cultures, as in social structure, language, religion, and technology; cultural anthropology.

eth′no·log′ic (ĕth′nə-lŏj′ĭk), eth′no·log′i·cal adj.
eth′no·log′i·cal·ly adv.
eth·nol′o·gist n.
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Adj.1.ethnological - of or relating to ethnology; "ethnological field work"
خاص بِعِلْم الأجْناس البَشَرِيَّه
òjóîfræîilegur, òjóîháttafræîilegur
budun bilimseletnolojik


[ˌeθnəʊˈlɒdʒikl] ADJetnológico


[ˌɛθnəʊˈlɒdʒɪkl] adjetnologico/a


(ˈeθnik) adjective
of nations or races of mankind or their customs, dress, food etc. ethnic groups/dances.
ethnology (eθˈnolədʒi) noun
the study of the different races of mankind.
ˌethnoˈlogical (-ˈlo-) adjective
ethˈnologist noun
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He owned a voice as soothing as the wash of the sea, and stores of experiences as vast as the sea itself; for his business in life was to wander up and down the world, collecting orchids and wild beasts and ethnological specimens for German and American dealers.
That's consolin' - from the head of the Ethnological Survey.
All we Ethnological men are as jealous as jackdaws of one another's discoveries.
Are the Tasaday proper ethnological subjects or are they simply the products of media hype engaged in by people with other agendas?
Nubian encounters; the story of the Nubian ethnological survery 1961-1964.
The visitors saw various cultural displays in the first ethnological museum of Pakistan, popularly known as the Heritage Museum, showcasing the living cultural traditions and lifestyles of the people in three-dimensional creative form.
In this incessant juxtaposition of the forms of the American West with those of Eurasia, Durham attains a less ethnological, less identity-oriented work than he began with and, as such, subtly deepens our sense of multiculturalism.
As William Dwight Whitney argued, language is "capable of application to ethnological purposes far beyond any others.
concludes, toward the end of his book, that "defining the sacred is not a theological but an ethnological task" (265), one wonders whether he is eschewing all kinds of evaluation and adopting a purely relativistic reading of religious belief and practice.
Considering that Hiery is aware of hundreds of ethnological studies of New Guinea, it is noteworthy that he lists in his bibliography only three such studies (an eight-page article by Bob Foster, a 1979 MA thesis, and Salisbury's Vunamami) that were published after 1958.
The work does not purport to be an attempt at a rigorous ethnographic study of the religious life of women in ancient Israel and Babylonia, nor is it a theory-based ethnological study of these two ancient societies.
Invitation to tender: procurement of goods - computers and computer equipment for the needs of the project ethnological center baranja heritage, in accordance with the specification and other required conditions specified in the tender documentation