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The branch of anthropology that analyzes and compares human cultures, as in social structure, language, religion, and technology; cultural anthropology.

eth′no·log′ic (ĕth′nə-lŏj′ĭk), eth′no·log′i·cal adj.
eth′no·log′i·cal·ly adv.
eth·nol′o·gist n.
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Adj.1.ethnological - of or relating to ethnology; "ethnological field work"
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خاص بِعِلْم الأجْناس البَشَرِيَّه
òjóîfræîilegur, òjóîháttafræîilegur
budun bilimseletnolojik


[ˌeθnəʊˈlɒdʒikl] ADJetnológico
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[ˌɛθnəʊˈlɒdʒɪkl] adjetnologico/a
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(ˈeθnik) adjective
of nations or races of mankind or their customs, dress, food etc. ethnic groups/dances.
ethnology (eθˈnolədʒi) noun
the study of the different races of mankind.
ˌethnoˈlogical (-ˈlo-) adjective
ethˈnologist noun
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'That's consolin' - from the head of the Ethnological Survey.
All we Ethnological men are as jealous as jackdaws of one another's discoveries.
He owned a voice as soothing as the wash of the sea, and stores of experiences as vast as the sea itself; for his business in life was to wander up and down the world, collecting orchids and wild beasts and ethnological specimens for German and American dealers.
In pursuance of its objectives, Lok Virsa has established the first ethnological museum in Pakistan, known as 'Heritage Museum', which depicts the living cultural traditions and lifestyles of the people of Pakistan covering all regions and provinces, presented through three-dimensional dioramic manner, said an official of Lok Virsa.
110 horses, about 60 golden eagles, falcons and taigans and 15 yaks will be sent by three planes from Kyrgyzstan to participate in the Camel Fest Ethnological Festival in Saudi Arabia.
These include establishment of the first ethnological museum in Pakistan, officially named as Pakistan National Museum of Ethnology and popularly known as 'Heritage Museum'.
As a whole they take a stance against both biological interpretations of the notion "form of life" (in terms of the human species) and ethnological interpretations (in terms of cultures), and instead promote a broad logico-linguistic understanding.
(3) As racial science hardened over the course of the century, ethnological reasoning became closely associated with the inscription of racialised visions of human difference onto space and onto maps.
The contemporary life of the Russian Museum of Ethnography includes exhibition activities as well as providing ethnological conferences and educational programs for students and children.
The nine objects, which included broken masks, an idol and a cradle were part of Berlin's Ethnological Museum's collection and came into their possession in the 1880s via Norwegian explorer Johan Adrian Jacobsen.
The creation of pictures was preceded by an ethnological survey which was not easy as partas are not common anymore and many of them disappeared.