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(Anthropology & Ethnology) another name for ethnography
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(ˌɛθ noʊˈsaɪ əns)

the study of the systems of knowledge and classification of material objects and concepts in different cultures throughout the world.
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According to Buenconsejo, who presented his research video documentation, Music from the Margins, which featured the music of different tribes in the Philippines, ethnoscience in the Philippines is a way of adapting to an environment through decoding different historical figures and texts.
The new discipline requires knowledge of all the standard subjects of cognitive science (Philosophy, particularly the philosophies of mind and science; psychology; linguistics; neurodynamics; AI, particularly computability theory; and ethnoscience.) It requires also knowledge of quantum mechanics at least involving the Heisenberg and Schrodinger formalisms, and their equivalence, together with the foundations adduced by Von Neumann.
Indeed, the idea that western epistemology and western science is an ethnoscience of the west, with no more global dimension than any other culturally specific, local knowledge system, was and still is very popular among radical intellectuals.
The observation protocols and a portion of the documents were analysed with the help of the ethnographic semantic analysis (also ethnoscience), building on the tradition of James P.
We define ethnoscience as an intellectual endeavour to describe the natural world within an appropriate cultural context, resulting in predictive power and practical applications such as navigation or timekeeping.
An emphasis exists throughout the book not only on the biology of the species, but also on its social context in human society and imagination, citing work in such fields as ethnoscience, primary education, zoo-based conservation and breeding programs, and habitat conservation.
Maputo, Mozambique: Centre for Mozambican Studies and Ethnoscience, Universidade Pedagogica.