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 (ĭ-thŏk′sē) also eth·ox·yl (ĭ-thŏk′səl)
The univalent organic group C2H5O-.

[Short for ethoxyl : eth(yl) + ox(o)- + -yl.]
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Besides, the same spectrum afforded signals for ethoxy group at I' 4.16 (4H, q, J = 7.2 Hz) and 1.29 (6H, t, J = 7.2 Hz).
This distribution effect can be due to the fact that PEGMA macromonomer is an amphiphilic macromolecule containing a hydrophilic tail of ethoxy groups and a hydrophobic head of methyl methacrylate (MMA), acting as stabilizer agent for microdrops of HA monomer in water during the synthesis of nanogels.
At equal weight, OTPS that has a lower molecular weight and three ethoxy groups per molecule shall have more functional groups available on a molar basis to react with the silanol groups of silica.
Indeed, this investigation involved different approaches for the assessment of these new ART materials, which consisted of a basic powder containing zinc oxide, alumina and an acidic liquid of ethoxy benzoic acid and eugenol that are mixed together in a viscous paste.
Save, "Highly structured pH-responsive honeycomb films by a combination of a breath figure process and in situ thermolysis of a polystyrene-block-poly(ethoxy ethyl acrylate) precursor," Polymer Chemistry, vol.
The ethoxy groups of TESPT are hydrolyzed and transformed into the silanol groups that can react with the hydroxyl groups of RHF to form the physisorbed or chemisorbed TESPT covered on RHF surface.
The commonly used surfactive macromolecular monomers include anionic monomers (e.g., dialkyl maleate cationic [22] and 2-acrylamide long-chain alkyl sulfonic acid [23]), cationic monomers (e.g., (2-methacry-loyloxyethyl) dodecyldimethyl ammonium bromide [24] and (4-(2-(acryloyloxy) ethoxy) benzyl triethyl ammonium bromide) [25]), and F-containing monomers (e.g., fluorocarbon cationic surfmer [26, 27]).
(9) Ethoxy 3-(benzylimino)-2-(naphthalen-1-yl-diazenyl) but-1-en-1-ol (7a).
The inorganic functionality (typically methoxy or ethoxy) reacts with any hydroxyl group (water, metal hydroxide, carbinol).
Another study prompted that 2-tertbutyl-4-chloro5-(4-(2-(2-(2-[sup.18]F-fluoroethoxy) ethoxy) ethoxy)) benzyloxy2H-pyridazin-3-one ([sup.18]F-FP3OP) had a better metabolic stability and faster clearance in myocardium compared with [sup.18]F-FP2OP.
(a) water based -- water with ortho--phenyl phenol or tertiary amylphenol or O benzylp- chlorophenol (b) alcohol based -- Ethyl or iso propyl alocohol with O phenyl phenol or tertiary amylphenol (c) Iodophor -- butoxypoly propoxy poly ethoxy ethanol iodine complex Patient Treatment:
The peaks located at 1260, 1390 and 1440 [cm.sup.-1] and the broad peaks at 2800-3000 [cm.sup.-1] originate from several C-H stretching modes in the ethoxy groups of APTES structure [9, 22].