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 (ĭ-thŏk′sē) also eth·ox·yl (ĭ-thŏk′səl)
The univalent organic group C2H5O-.

[Short for ethoxyl : eth(yl) + ox(o)- + -yl.]


(ɛˈθɒksɪl) or


(Chemistry) chem a univalent radical
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This promotes an increase in the concentration of OH- species over the surface of the electrocatalyst that improves the elimination of ethoxyl intermediates, thus maintaining the EOR reaction [17].
The ethoxyl group of VTES molecule reacted with water converting it into hydroxyl group and producing ethanol.
The higher order degree of hydrogen bonding in the skin of PA3 compared to that in PA2 may be ascribed to the polar surfactant (protonated octadecyl dieth-anolamine that contains ethoxyl groups) in OMMT that used in the preparation of PA3, which allows the formation of more hydrogen bonds between polymer chains and MMT layers than PA2.