ethylene glycol

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ethylene glycol

A colorless sweet-tasting viscous diol, C2H6O2, used as an antifreeze in cooling and heating systems.
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ethylene glycol

(Elements & Compounds) another name for ethanediol
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(ˈglaɪ kɔl, -kɒl)

1. a colorless, sweet liquid, C2H6O2, used chiefly as an automobile antifreeze and as a solvent.
2. any of a group of alcohols containing two hydroxyl groups.
[1855–60; glyc (erin) + (alcoh) ol]
gly•col′ic (-ˈkɒl ɪk) adj.
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ethylene gly·col

A poisonous, syrupy, colorless alcohol, C2H6O2. It is used as an antifreeze in heating and cooling systems that use water.
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Noun1.ethylene glycol - a sweet but poisonous syrupy liquid used as an antifreeze and solvent
antifreeze - a liquid added to the water in a cooling system to lower its freezing point
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ethylene glycol

n etilenglicol m
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While ethylene glycol is also another chemical highly sought after by automakers, associated stringent regulatory framework, the high cost of handling and storage, corrosive properties and toxicity of ethylene glycol has significantly shifted manufacturers' preference towards propylene glycol-based antifreeze products.
It also enables us to produce ethylene glycols using our world-class manufacturing capability and leveraging the expertise and global reach of our marketing partner Helm AG.
It will produce 700,000 tons of ethylene glycol per year, a news release said.
The EQUATE Group* is a global producer of petrochemicals and the world's second largest producer of Ethylene Glycol (EG).
From a diagnostic conundrum some years earlier [8], we had learned that the finding of a lactate gap indicates intoxication from ethylene glycol rather than methanol.
In addition, towards the end of 2017, we will have a major turnaround for our Kuwait-based plants, which will include ethylene, ethylene glycol and other units.
[7] synthesized nickel nanowires via the reduction of nickel chloride in ethylene glycol using hydrazine hydrate as the reducing agent without the assistance of surfactants, templates, and external magnetic field.
Ethylene glycol is used in commercially available products such as antifreeze solution, windshield, or cold-pack and is readily accessible in the household.
Consuming rock salt can cause dehydration, liver failure and pancreatitis, while antifreeze contains the chemical ethylene glycol, which can be lethal when ingested and it has a very attractive taste to both cats and dogs.

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