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Relating to or being a hydrocarbon unit, C2H5, that can occur as a substituent in an organic compound or as an ion or radical.

eth·yl′ic (ĕ-thĭl′ĭk) adj.
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The peritoneal fat was fixed in 4% paraformaldehyde for eight hours, then washed and kept in 70% ethylic alcohol.
Gonads were preserved in Davidson AFA solution (glycerin, formaldehyde, ethylic alcohol, filtered seawater, and acetic acid) for later histologic processing and sex determination (Estrada-Godinez et al., 2011).
[6.] Oliveira LE, Barboza JCS, Da Silva MLCP (2013) Production of ethylic biodiesel from Tilapia visceral oil.
Eight attractants were used in the study: (1) sugar mixture: a homemade sugar solution with vinegar and wine mixture (10 g sugar, 5 g ethylic acid, and 3 mL alcohol in 100 mL water); (2) torula yeast: 3 pellets per 300 mL water (Chemtica Internacional S.A., Santa Rosa, Costa Rica); (3) Great bait: Great"fruit fly bait, a protein-based bait, 1:3 (vokvol) solution at the recommended application rate (Hubei Great" Biotech Co.
The transesterification reaction was carried out using the ethylic route, with potassium hydroxide (KOH) as the catalyst.
Other aspects of the patient's medical history were indicative of chronic ischemic and ethylic cardiomyopathy and of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), both of which he refused to treat.
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It was reported that treatment with silymarin (400 mg/d) in combination with UDCA (450 mg/d) provided an enhanced improvement in the hepatic functions of 30 patients with chronic ethylic hepatopathy (7).