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Of or relating to features or items analyzed without considering their role as a structural unit in a system such as a language or a culture.

[From (phon)etic.]


(Linguistics) relating to a non-structural approach to the description of linguistics and behavioural science


(ˈɛt ɪk)

of or pertaining to the raw data of a language or other area of behavior, without considering the data as functional units within a system. Compare emic.


an adjective suffix, equivalent in meaning to -ic, occurring in loanwords from Greek (eidetic), and in a few analogous Latin or English formations (splenetic; phenetic).
[< Latin -ēticus < Greek -ētikos]
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5 How Can Emic and Etic Approaches be Used More Effectively in International Business Research?
In May 2012, ETIC convened the "International Conference on Advancing Cooperation in the Euphrates-Tigris Region" in Istanbul, together with Turkey's Okan University and Germany's Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law.
In anthropology, etic research perspectives involve a study of human communities using the "outside," relatively more objective methods of science (e.
In an effort to study both emic and etic dimensions of religious coping, the study also examines these responses within the framework of Pargament and colleagues' (1998; 2000) religious coping constructs to determine responses that are consistent with findings across other cultures (eric) and to identify and describe responses that are culturally specific to Guatemala and Kenya (emic).
ETIC, which can work with JAL until January 2013 under its own regulations, may apply to sell shares in the carrier by March 2012, Hideo Seto, head of the committee leading the restructuring, said last year.
For instance, she calls our attention to the distinction, introduced as long ago as 1968 by the German scholar Roland Harweg, between emic and etic openings of narratives.
JAL and ETIC have prepared a five-year business plan to raise the airline's net profit to 111.
The ETIC is working with JAL's creditors to restructure the airline's debt.
group workforce, by the end of March 2013, ETIC said.
Second, if Biblical Foundationalism is more ideologically sympathetic, then it also should display linkages with other variables that have less problematic implications after accounting for variance associated with the more non-sympathetic etic language of Religious Fundamentalism.
Court proceedings launched by the Financial Services Authority led to an injunction banning de Dietrich and his company ETIC Solutions from taking any more deposits.
JAL will in turn issue the ETIC with 175 million new shares.