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1. (Linguistics) etymological
2. (Linguistics) etymology
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Thanking Bank Sohar for its support, Al Shedi said, "We, at the Oman Association for the Disabled work towards a better underA[degrees] standing of the needs of people with disabilities and aim to proA[degrees] vide them with the support and education required, for them to be contributing members of our sociA[degrees] ety.
Now, aided by beatmaster Shy FX, one-man marvel Sam Duckworth propels the local sound forward with a timely song for the Big Soci ety.
Since that morning Mr Wong has not been seen and neither has his silver Cherokee Jeep, registration Y682 ETY.
In other words, the Catholic Church not only has the right to defend what belongs to the spiritual order but it has the duty to do so, regardless of whether we live in a "pluralistic" soci ety.
Cementing its position in the sulA[degrees] tanate as the leading sustainable developer for the second year runA[degrees] ning, Omran released the Company's second edition of Sustainability Report 2013: Creating a Sustainable Tourism Destination, and conducted a stakeholder seminar which focused on the themes of sustainA[degrees] ability throughout all levels of sociA[degrees] ety.
Tenders are invited for Erection and commissioning of 25/5 t eot crane Ety.
At the time of his disappearance he was driving his silver Cherokee jeep, registration Y682 ETY.