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or etymol.,

1. etymological.
2. etymology.
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Hampton has gone where few have gone before into the range of the Etym, and written an SF novel in the wake of the Wake.
In sum, "the television mask transforms millions of viewers into absolutely passive, mentally and physically immobile receivers" who are unfaithful to the Greek etym "drao, which means to do and to act, the static, petrified, by the Medusa mask" (Consolo 2003a).
mu, pi = pium (OED) mu, psi = Pisum mu, rho = humor mu, san = manus mu, tau = autum (FW) nu, nu = nu-nu> (OED nu 1970q) nu, omega = Mongeau (websites surname) nu, phi = unhip nu, psi = Pinus nu, rho = Huron no, sampi = Pisanum (OED pisane etym.