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or etymol.,

1. etymological.
2. etymology.
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Fragment #8 -- Etym. Gen.: Hesiod (says there were so called) because they settled in three groups: `And they all were called the Three-fold people, because they divided in three the land far from their country.' For (he says) that three Hellenic tribes settled in Crete, the Pelasgi, Achaeans and Dorians.
Como afirma Alvaro d'Ors: <<para Apuleyo (de Platone 2, 6, 228), la sapientia es la disciplina divinarum humanarumque rerum, y la prudentia es la scientia intellegendorum bonorum et malorum>>; la definicion completa de lajurisprudentia es por adicion a la de la Filosofia (que recoge SAN ISIDORO, etym. 2, 1,--cfr.
Thus Megera, Aletto and Tesifone, whose names have been conventionally etymologized by Isidore of Seville as wrath, cupidity and lust (Etym. VIII, xi, 95-6), represent these sins individually and Medusa represents all of them as a general sinful attachment to earthly concerns.