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A plural of etymon.
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What are the etyma of our human names of the gods and the planets?
The importance of syllable weight in Portuguese will be examined here based on several arguments related to two different phonological phenomena: stress-assignment and historical evidence attested in Medieval Portuguese (MP), that is to say, the cases of Latin etyma that almost invariably originated heavy monosyllables.
Etyma gangrenosum: Report of clinical, histopathologic, and bacteriologic aspects of eight cases.
A clue may be found in the Old Bodleian Catalogue of 1697, where this glossary is referred to as Scotica etyma Petri Junii, omnia a Graecis deducta (Bernard 1697: I, 253).
The entire corpus of deverbal derivational families could be partitioned according to the etyma of the verb marked in the respective slots or origin of the suffix(es) in specified categories as well as chronologically.
While a certain amount of dross would be included by such an approach and would include numerous terms for 'a fodder grass' or the equivalent, the resulting core was likely to contain the great bulk of any potential cognate etyma.
He aims to present an up-to-date etymological account of the Baltic inherited lexical stock focusing on etyma that have been part of the scholarly discussion in the field of Indo-European linguistics.
Ten shared etyma between Sinitic and Uralic languages are supplied to the rhyme correspondences in this article.
In some cases, both the base and the variant of the prefix are (fully) comparable and allow for straightforward linguistic reconstructions, while the etyma, in turn, can be used to identify so far unrecognized reflexes in individual languages.
625-736), an extensive glossary of reconstructed etyma and supporting evidence (pp.
According to information about ORF published in 2011 by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, National Centre for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Disease Division of High Consequence Pathogens and Pathology in the US, symptoms of ORF are known as 'sore mouth', contagious etyma or 'scabby mouth'.
Worter entspringen nach Tyards Meinung nicht dem Zufall, sondern den "wahren" Etyma der gottlichen hebraischen Ursprache, stellen aber nach der babylonischen Sprachverwirrung keine autonomen Erkenntnismittel mehr dar.