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also Eu·clid·i·an  (yo͞o-klĭd′ē-ən)
Of or relating to Euclid's geometric principles.
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Adj.1.euclidian - relating to geometry as developed by Euclid; "Euclidian geometry"
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(v) The Euclidian distance of two single valued neutrosophic rough sets [mathematical expression not reproducible] with respect to its lower approximation:
For each mesoregion of the state (Sertao, Agreste, Mata and Metropolitan Region of Recife-MRR), the mean euclidian distance between the municipal seats of residence and hospitalization (Recife) was calculated.
Euclidian distance between the sensor node positioned at optimal position and its neighboring node is computed.
He has also held underwriting and broking roles in both specialty insurance and reinsurance at Sedgwick Forbes, Copenhagen Re (UK), Euclidian Lloyd's Syndicate 1243, Cooper Gay and Bowring Marsh.
5) and [d.sub.ij] (Euclidian distance between [s.sub.i] and [s.sub.j]) is less than [R.sub.thr], finds the difference between their reading with [s.sub.i] as [DELTA][X.sup.t.sub.ij] and reply by a message MsgR(t, CO[D.sub.i], [DELTA][X.sup.t.sub.ij], Status[s.sub.j]) to their cluster head.
The pixels that remained after removing the unnecessary background were categorized as red, yellow, or white pixels, and the Euclidian distance from red (255, 0, 0), yellow (0, 255, 255), and white (255, 255, 255) in the RGB color space to the pixel of the traffic sign image was used as the categorization method.
Untitled (Alcoholism, Antipsychotic, Pain, High Blood Pressure), 2018, presents a strand of four adjacent shapes, a cocktail of Euclidian wholes that buzz with pigment-induced potency.
Information geometry indicates that the use of a Euclidian geometry technique is not absolutely correct.
An AR puzzle game for the iPhone or iPad, Euclidian Lands has a design reminiscent of the popular Monument Valley.
Moreover, [theta] = [pi]/4 rad, [theta] = 3[pi]/4 rad, [theta] = -3[pi]/4 rad, and [theta] = -[pi]/4 rad have been chosen as they are good representatives of those [theta]'s which their coordinates on the Euclidian plane, i.e., (cos([theta]), sin([theta])), are located on the portion of unit circle's arc in quadrants 1,2, 3, and 4 of such plane, respectively.
Therefore, here and after we will use following Hamiltonian for deriving the fluid dynamics in the Euclidian description:
TSP in the classical sense (Asymmetric TSP) and other variations of the problem, such as the Euclidian Symmetric TSP, have been connected and applied to several practical problems.