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eudemonics, eudaemonics

1. an art or means of acquiring happiness; eudemonism.
2. the theory of happiness. — eudemonia, n.eudemonic, eudemonical, adj.
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the ethical doctrine that the basis of morality lies in the tendency of right actions to produce happiness, especially in a life governed by reason rather than pleasure. eudemonist, eudaemonist, n.
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Eudaemonics is related to consequentialist ethics, as the focus is on what happens as a consequence of the actions.
Karl Llewellyn, Jerome Frank, Richard Posner, Duncan Kennedy and other twentieth-century legal writers yields to a new idealism, a new spirituality and a new eudaemonics,(284) the unrecognized goal of our century's jurisprudential journey may have been one noted by T.
Well, if performance confers legitimacy, then nonperformance undermines it--a conclusion one can adduce without Professor Huntington's help, and without recourse to eudaemonics.