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 (yo͞o′dī-kŏt′l-ēd′n) or eu·di·cot (yo͞o-dī′kŏt′)
Any of numerous flowering plants having two cotyledons in the seed, pollen grains with three pores, and usually the capacity for secondary growth, leaves with reticulate venation, and flower parts that are in multiples of four or five.

[eu-, true (since the eudicotyledons form a clade excluding certain other dicotyledonous groups, such as the magnoliids) + dicotyledon.]


(Plants) any plant belonging to one of the two major groups of flowering plants, comprising over 60 per cent of all plants, normally having net-veined leaves and two cotyledons in the seed
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The numbers of species, genera and families, as well as the proportions of monocotyledons and eudicotyledon species, and the ratio of herbaceous-subshrub/shrub-arboreal species of cerrado phytophysiognomies, caatinga vegetation and cerrado-caatinga transition are presented in Table 1.
These include most prominently the monocotyledons Moraea sisyrinchium, Leopoldia longipes and Ixiolirion tataricum and the eudicotyledon Heliotropium bacciferum.
2007) that predominantly control monocotyledon species and some eudicotyledons.
For the viable herbicide prospects reported in this review to become registered, it would be necessary to direct the efforts of research institutions and/or rural extensions, associations and farmers cooperatives, combined with those of manufacturing companies, to register these selective herbicides (primarily latifolicides used to control eudicotyledons in castor bean crops).
Within the large group of dicotyledons angiosperms, two main clades were observed: the group of Eudicotyledons represented only by Ranunculus peruvianus and the Core Eudicots.