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Noun1.euglenophyte - marine and freshwater green or colorless flagellate organism
alga, algae - primitive chlorophyll-containing mainly aquatic eukaryotic organisms lacking true stems and roots and leaves
division Euglenophyta, Euglenophyta - free-swimming flagellate algae
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At this time we see the sites in the macrophyte beds shift from an euglenophyte to diatom dominated community.
Multivariate BIO-ENV analysis showed a positive correlation between the euglenophyte Eutreptiella gymnastica and TP, DIN, and salinity.
Euglenophyte biomass showed a significant access effect, but not a significant gizzard shad or interaction effect.
The main phytoplankton groups recorded were Bacillariophyceae (diatoms) Cyanophyceae (blue-green algae) and Euglenophyceae (euglenophytes).
Cyanobacteria, Euglenophytes, Chrysophytes and Cryptophytes were present at the three sampling sites.
The euglenophytes *** are flagellates with a complex structure, whose cover is made of interlocking elastic strips that allow continuous deformation of the cell.
Diatoms were the most abundant and diverse algal organisms (359 taxa), followed by chlorophytes (121), Cyanobacteria (42), euglenophytes (31), xanthophytes (14), chrysophytes (12), rhodophytes (6), dinophytes (6), and cryptophytes (3).
Both these differences and the relative isolation of the continental water bodies mean that many groups of organisms (e.g., chlorophytes, euglenophytes, cladocerans) show greater species diversification in continental waters than in seas.