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n. pl. eulachon or eu·la·chons

[Chinook Jargon ulχan, from Lower Chinook (Chinookan language of the lower Columbia River valley) úl̷χan, dried eulachon.]


(ˈjuːləˌkɒn) or


n, pl -chons, -chon, -chans or -chan
(Animals) another name for candlefish
[from Chinook Jargon ulâkân]


(ˈkæn dlˌfɪʃ)

n., pl. (esp. collectively) -fish, (esp. for kinds or species) -fish•es.
a small, edible, smeltlike fish, Thaleichthys pacificus, of NW coastal waters of N America, so oily that when dried it can be used as a candle.
Also called eulachon.
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The contemporary yet authentic interpretations of traditional recipes are a feast for all senses, but some of the most sought-after, unusual produce, such as the tiny eulachon fish and foamy soapberry ice cream, are kept off the menu.
Prey identified to the species level that occurred in >10% of scats included Pacific Herring, Pacific Staghorn Sculpin (Leptocottus armatus), Pacific Tomcod (Microgadus proximus), North Pacific Hake, Californian Anchovy (Engraulis mordax), Eulachon (T.
teaching by doing, (166) the threat to the eulachon, a cultural icon of the Haisla, (167) and the destruction of a number of culturally modified trees, (168) described as "living monuments to Haisla Nation culture and history.
The biological opinion examined whether the standards adopted by the state under the Clean Water Act sufficiently protect salmon, steelhead, eulachon, green sturgeon and Southern Resident killer whales all species listed under the Endangered Species Act.
Presence also increased closer to rivers with Chinook salmon, Oncorhynchus tshawytscha, runs (such as the Susitna River), and the Susitna Delta also supports two major spawning migrations of eulachon, Thaleichthys pacificus, a small, schooling smelt, in May and July.
The area between Cape Perpetua and Heceta Head is home to marbled murrelet, silverspot butterfly, coho salmon, eulachon and northern spotted owl (below), all on the federal list of endangered species.
The consultation covers 17 critical habitats and 24 species, including Imonids, marine mammals, green sturgeon, eulachon, and rockfish.
Trawl net modifications to reduce the bycatch of eulachon (Thaleichthys pacificus) in the ocean shrimp (Pandas jordani) fishery.
about the sewage getting caught in the eulachon nets and fouling the taste of his favourite fish when a smear, a darting shadow caught my attention.
Several species of forage fish are known to occur in Prince William Sound between May and July including capelin (Mallotus villosus), eulachon (Thaleichthys pacificus), sand lance (Ammodytes hexapterus), Pacific herring (Clupea pallasi), unidentified smelt species (Brown et al.
The first year that logging was not interrupted by eulachon fishing was 1857.
In my lifetime, there has also been a diminished return of the eulachon (candle fish) in our traditional harvesting areas.