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tr.v. eu·lo·gized, eu·lo·giz·ing, eu·lo·giz·es
To praise highly in speech or writing, especially in a formal eulogy.

eu′lo·gist (-jĭst) n.
eu′lo·gis′tic (-jĭs′tĭk) adj.
eu′lo·giz′er n.


(ˈyu lə dʒɪst)

a person who eulogizes.
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Noun1.eulogist - an orator who delivers eulogies or panegyrics
orator, public speaker, rhetorician, speechifier, speechmaker - a person who delivers a speech or oration
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Let me put them into the mouths of the eulogists of injustice: They will tell you that the just man who is thought unjust will be scourged, racked, bound--will have his eyes burnt out; and, at last, after suffering every kind of evil, he will be impaled: Then he will understand that he ought to seem only, and not to be, just; the words of Aeschylus may be more truly spoken of the unjust than of the just.
A eulogist in the Wall Street Journal, Russell Moore, went further suggesting he was the most significant evangelist after the Apostle Paul.
The skirt fell to just below her knees, as she sat and rose again, asked by the eulogist, then by the priest, to join in the singing.
She slips into the jarringly disjunctive roles of stockbroker, garbage worker, corporate CEO, punk, scientist, puppeteer, choreographer, TV news reader and teacher, as well as the aforementioned Mom and eulogist.
There is no record of Lysander Spooner ever referring to himself as an anarchist, though by the time he completed his theoretical transition to anarchism, he was associating and publishing with people who did, most notably his eventual eulogist Benjamin Tucker.
3) Max Boot, "Iraq's Unlikely Eulogist," Wall Street Journal, April 13, 2015, retrieved from http://www.
This rawness is often foregrounded by the employment of deictics signaling internal focalization: "Nathan's eulogist praised just those exploitative aspects of Carnovsky that Henry had never been able to forgive and wanted least to hear about at a time like this" (192).
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Decades later, a eulogist would note, "The school certificates of his first years at the Academy he carefully preserved as so many trophies wrested from worsted adversaries.
The author has drawn attention to the importance of the philosopher and economist August Cieszkowski, eulogist of the philosophy of action.
Fuller sought a moderate position on slavery's perpetuation, disclaiming any role as "the eulogist and abettor of slavery" or as one who believed the institution should continue indefinitely.