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tr.v. eu·lo·gized, eu·lo·giz·ing, eu·lo·giz·es
To praise highly in speech or writing, especially in a formal eulogy.

eu′lo·gist (-jĭst) n.
eu′lo·gis′tic (-jĭs′tĭk) adj.
eu′lo·giz′er n.


(ˌyu ləˈdʒɪs tɪk)

also eu`lo•gis′ti•cal,

pertaining to or containing eulogy; laudatory.
eu`lo•gis′ti•cal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.eulogistic - formally expressing praise
complimentary - conveying or resembling a compliment; "a complimentary remark"


[ˈjuːlədʒɪstɪk] ADJelogioso, ensalzador


adj (form)lobrednerisch
References in classic literature ?
As I turned toward them it was with difficulty that I controlled my features, for there, listening to Kulan Tith's eulogistic words concerning me, stood my arch-enemies, Matai Shang and Thurid.
The open shutters bore a variety of golden inscriptions, eulogistic of good beds and neat wines; and the choice group of countrymen and hostlers lounging about the stable door and horse-trough, afforded presumptive proof of the excellent quality of the ale and spirits which were sold within.
It was a maxim with Mr Brass that the habit of paying compliments kept a man's tongue oiled without any expense; and, as that useful member ought never to grow rusty or creak in turning on its hinges in the case of a practitioner of the law, in whom it should be always glib and easy, he lost few opportunities of improving himself by the utterance of handsome speeches and eulogistic expressions.
I remember how unmercifully I laughed at what I considered your eulogistic and exaggerated praises of him; but I have now ample cause to admit that your enthusiastic description of this wonderful man fell far short of his merits.
A longer eulogistic passage will sum up his achievement as a whole:
Though I never knew what they were (being in Welsh), further than that they were highly eulogistic of the lineage of Morgan ap-Kerrig.
Speaking on BBC 5 Live's Sportsweek, the president of world athletics' governing body said: "I'm hardly going to sit here and tell you I'm eulogistic that somebody that has served two bans in our sport would walk off with one of our glittering prizes.
I'm not eulogistic that someone who has served two bans has walked off with one of our glittering prizes," said Coe.
That's a eulogistic remark I love not just for its felicity, but for its infinite range of applicability.
In the Porcaria, in particular, the image of a compassionate and just ruler is recurrently recalled in the most eulogistic section of the poem.
An extraordinary plethora of books appeared, depicting him as saint, seer, bard, and all-round great man, including a eulogistic two-volume biography by Timothy Neat (Hamish Henderson: A Biography [Edinburgh: Polygon, 2007-2009]), and Eberhard Bort's four edited volumes of reminiscence, analysis, and tributes (Borne on the Carrying Stream: The Legacy of Hamish Henderson [Ochtertyre, Scotland: Grace Note, 2010]; Tis Sixty Years Since: The 1951 Edinburgh People's Festival Ceilidh and the Scottish Folk Revival [Ochtertyre, Scotland: Grace Note, 2011]; At Hame wi'Freedom: Essays on Hamish Henderson and the Scottish Folk Revival [Ochtertyre, Scotland: Grace Note, 2012]; and Anent Hamish Henderson: Essays, Poems, Interviews [Edinburgh?
The stitching of archival materials together with interviews and other formal elements is moving and insightful, lending the film a eulogistic compassion.