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a person who resembles a eunuch (either physically or in character)
resembling a eunuch (either physically or in character)
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(ˈyu nəˌkɔɪd)

1. lacking fully developed male genitalia or other sex characteristics.
2. a eunuchoid male.
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Estrogen deficiency, on the other hand, causes delayed epiphyseal closure, eunuchoid body habitus, osteopenia and osteoporosis that develop in both genders (21).
Therefore, patients like ours with disorders of puberty exhibit so-called eunuchoid proportions, characterized by long limbs (arm span) relative to the spine (height).
A eunuchoid proportion--arm span 2 cm or greater than height--is associated with early-onset hypogonadism that precedes fusion of the epiphyses.
In the post-pubertal male, manifestations of hypogonadism may include underdeveloped secondary sexual characteristics, decreased male pattern hair distribution (axillary, body, facial, pubic), gynecomastia, and eunuchoid body habitus (arm span 5 cm or more greater than height).
Klinefelter individuals are tall, eunuchoid, with little facial or body hair and have very small inactive testes.
In this study, we attempt to identify the developmental disorder responsible for his eunuchoid appearance.