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Any of various trees, shrubs, or woody vines of the genus Euonymus, many species of which are cultivated for their decorative foliage. Also called spindle tree.

[Latin euōnymus, a kind of tree growing in Lesbos, from Greek euōnumos, of good name : eu-, eu- + onuma, name; see nō̆-men- in Indo-European roots.]


(juːˈɒnɪməs) or


(Plants) any tree or shrub of the N temperate genus Euonymus, such as the spindle tree, whose seeds are each enclosed in a fleshy, typically red, aril: family Celastraceae
[C18: from Latin: spindle tree, from Greek euōnumos fortunately named, from eu- + onoma name]


(yuˈɒn ə məs)

any shrub or vine of the genus Euonymus, of the staff-tree family, usu. having glossy evergreen leaves and clusters of orange or red fruits in open capsules. Also called spindle tree.
[1760–70; < New Latin; Latin, n. use of Greek euṓnymos of good name]
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Noun1.euonymus - widely distributed chiefly evergreen shrubs or small trees or vinesEuonymus - widely distributed chiefly evergreen shrubs or small trees or vines
dicot genus, magnoliopsid genus - genus of flowering plants having two cotyledons (embryonic leaves) in the seed which usually appear at germination
Celastraceae, family Celastraceae, spindle-tree family, staff-tree family - trees and shrubs and woody vines usually having bright-colored fruits
spindle tree, spindleberry, spindleberry tree - any shrubby trees or woody vines of the genus Euonymus having showy usually reddish berries
Euonymus atropurpureus, wahoo, burning bush - deciduous shrub having purple capsules enclosing scarlet seeds
Euonymus americanus, strawberry bush, wahoo - upright deciduous plant with crimson pods and seeds; the eastern United States from New York to Florida and Texas
Euonymus fortunei radicans, Euonymus radicans vegetus, evergreen bittersweet - broad and bushy Asiatic twining shrub with pinkish fruit; many subspecies or varieties