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A feeling of great happiness or well-being.

[New Latin, from Greek, from euphoros, healthy : eu-, eu- + pherein, to bear; see bher- in Indo-European roots.]

eu·phor′ic (-fôr′ĭk, -fŏr′-) adj.
eu·phor′i·cal·ly adv.
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in a euphoric manner
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[juːˈfɒrɪklɪ] adveuforicamente
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The Algerian and Sudanese regimes remained safe during the Arab Spring that euphorically swept across the Middle East and North Africa, leading to the fall of autocrat presidents in the region.
Secular numbers ("You've Got a Friend") are mixed in with gospel staples including an exhilarating "Mary Don't You Weep" and a majestic, 10-minutes-long "Amazing Grace." Blues and gospel merge euphorically.
Euphorically, some elements in India's political and military establishments think India could fight a limited conventional war against Pakistan without allowing the conflict to escalate to the nuclear level.
It is true that when Goethe euphorically acclaims that "a universal world literature is in the process of being constituted" (Collected Works 225), which means that the time has arrived for "all nations to learn their relationships each to the other" and to find in one another "something attractive" and "something worthy of emulation" (qtd.
As the sun began to set majestically into each evening, the wild revelers of Black Rock City began to howl like coyote across the playa and we joined euphorically in a wave of celebration of our freedom in this remote, enchanting place.
"The social entrepreneurs of today will be the heroes of tomorrow," Klaus Schwab announced euphorically who seems particularly at ease around them and happily poses for photos with the winners for a long time.
Fans flooded Tel Aviv's Rabin Square in front of City Hall, with some euphorically jumping into a public fountain, after Barzilai was announced the winner this year in Portugal.
'We have got our Naya Pakistan,' said Fathaullah, one of the main supporters of PTI, as he danced euphorically near the busy Cinema bazaar of Gilgit.
This could spell the end of drive-throughs like the Dutch Brothers coffee franchise, whose euphorically hands-on customer service seems to be irresistible to the millennial drivers who queue up tens of cars deep at the Camelback location.
Kadir in his blog yesterday, specifically chided finance minister Lim Guan Eng for 'euphorically' revealing Putrajaya's debt figures to the public, accusing him of forgetting the negative implication of the announcement.
Jones euphorically barged into his team-mate and friend while the more measured Smalling, after a brief glance at the knackered Kane, returned to the pitch, where Jones shoved him again.
A popular work, created at a time of great unrest in the composer's life, it is both devastatingly dramatic as well as euphorically optimistic.