characterized by a pleasing rhythm; harmoniously proportioned
Not to be confused with:
arrhythmic – a disturbance in rhythm, as in the heartbeat
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(juːˈrɪðmɪk) or






1. having a pleasing and harmonious rhythm, order, or structure
2. of or relating to eurhythmics
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(yʊˈrɪð mɪk, yə-)

also eu•rhyth′mi•cal,

1. characterized by a pleasing rhythm; harmoniously ordered or proportioned.
2. of or pertaining to eurhythmics.
eu•ryth′mi•cal•ly, adv.
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Despite these limitations, the merits of the generational approach and the focus group methodology is that it reveals in more details the mechanisms of the mediatization process, how the media--as technologies and as structures of content--become embedded in the lifeworlds of people and are incorporated as parts of the generational experience and "we-sense." It reveals how the generation process in itself, with its specific social rhythms of arrhythmic or eurhythmic character, is confronted with the material and symbolic features of the culturally and socially specific (national) historical landscapes, and the specific nature of these landscapes.
Rather, it is about examining how various rhythms relate to one another (in, say, polyrhythmic, isorhythmic, eurhythmic, or arrhythmic forms).
For Lefebvre, noise is "chaotic" and "has no rhythm," (38) It is only in dissecting the distinct rhythms of Sunrise's montage (the repetitious movements of a marching band, two twirling banners, an antsy conductor, and a dancing crowd) that a eurhythmic relationship is revealed.
LINGFIELD: 2.00 Marvo, 2.30 SCOTTISH VESPERS (NAP), 3.00 Steely, 3.30 Eurhythmic, 4.00 Dream Catcher, 4.30 Athenian, 5.00 Red Somerset, 5.30 Catchanova.
LINGFIELD: 2.00 Marvo, 2.30 Scottish Vespers, 3.00 Steely, 3.30 Eurhythmic, 4.00 Dream Catcher, 4.30 Athenian, 5.00 Red Somerset, 5.30 Catchanova (nap).
NAOMI MATTHEW: 2.00 Marvo, 2.30 Scottish Vespers (nap), 3.00 Steely, 3.30 Eurhythmic, 4.00 Dream Catcher, 4.30 Athenian, 5.00 Red Somerset, 5.30 Catchanova (nb).
Her idea was based on the eurhythmic theories of Jacque Dalcroz.
Googling a runner Eurhythmic 1 1.0 Leicester A British pop rock duo comprising Annie Lennox and David Stewart, the Eurythmics formed in 1980 and released their debut album, to little acknowledgement, the following year.
(19-20) Worthen believes that the later text was overly influenced by Lawrence's reading of James Pryce and Madame Blavatsky (14), making it more metaphysical and less contemporary: "Even when Ursula sings so that Gudrun can do eurhythmic movements, in the 1916 novel she incongruously comes up with 'It's a long long way to Tipperary,' that most famous of wartime marching songs: it would have been hard to locate the novel more precisely in wartime (the song had only been published in 1912).
Lessons should be rich in multi-sensory and eurhythmic activities.
A sublime setting, with classical music and eurhythmic timekeepers once again illustrated the close relationship between RAYMOND WEIL and art.
Fourth in a Curragh maiden on his debut, Table mountain made the expected improvement to win his maiden here under Joseph O'Brien, beating Eurhythmic, which was beaten at Cork over the weekend.