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n. pl. eu·ri·pi (-pī′)
A sea channel characterized by turbulent and unpredictable currents.

[Latin eurīpus, from Greek eurīpos : eu-, eu- + rhīpē, rush (from rhīptein, to throw).]
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n, pl -pi (-paɪ)
(Physical Geography) a strait or channel with a strong current or tide
[C17: from Latin, from Greek Euripos the strait between Boeotia and Euboea, from ripē force, rush]
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From there you crossed the Euripus, far-shooting Apollo, and went up the green, holy hills, going on to Mycalessus and grassy-bedded Teumessus, and so came to the wood-clad abode of Thebe; for as yet no man lived in holy Thebe, nor were there tracks or ways about Thebe's wheat-bearing plain as yet.
You know how those in particular who spend their time studying contradiction ([phrase omitted]) in the end believe themselves to have become very wise and that they alone have understood that there is no soundness or reliability in any object or in any argument, but that all that exists simply fluctuates up and down as if it were in the Euripus and does not remain in the same place for any time at all.
A arena nao tinha euripus permanente nem bancos construidos para se sentar, mas parece ter sido cercada por colunatas onde os espectadores podiam ficar de pe ou se sentar em assentos portateis durante as corridas.
Entre ellas se encuentra la del propio Diogenes, la de Eumelus quien afirma que Aristoteles bebio cicuta y la tradicion arabe que reporta que Aristoteles murio en el Golfo de Euripus, segun lo consignado por Natali (68).
The scam was busted by HMRC in a 10-year investigation codenamed Operation Euripus which revealed an intricate spider's web of conspiracy.
Prosecutors said Taher Majid, of Ty Draw Road, Penylan, Cardiff, was one of the principal organisers of the complicated "carousel" scam, which was busted by HM Revenue and Customs' Operation, Euripus.
Codenamed Operation Euripus, the swoop follows a five-year investigation.