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 (yo͝or′ə-thûr′məl) also eu·ry·ther·mic (-mĭk) or eu·ry·ther·mous (-məs)
Adaptable to a wide range of temperatures. Used of an organism.

eu′ry·therm′ n.


(Zoology) zoology an organism that can live at a wide range of temperatures
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In this proposal, three target notothenioid species will be taken into account: two extreme stenotherms adapted to polar conditions, Notothenia rossii and Champsocephalus gunnari and the subpolar eurytherm Eleginops maclovinus.
In Lake Vortsjarv, the species of spring zooplankton and autumn zooplankton can be divided into three groups: (1) eurytherms, which make up an overwhelming part of the zooplankton; (2) cold-water stenotherms K.
This hypothesis has recently been challenged for Antarctic stenotherms (Clarke & Johnston 1999, Peck & Conway 2000), but it has been reemphasized in comparative studies of temperate and subpolar, Northern hemisphere eurytherms (Portner 2002a, Portner 2004).