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n. pl. eu·sta·sies
A uniform worldwide change in sea level.

[From eustatic, of eustasy, from German eustatisch : eu- + stat(o)- + -isch, adj. suff.]

eu·stat′ic (-stăt′ĭk) adj.
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(Physical Geography) denoting or relating to worldwide changes in sea level, caused by the melting of ice sheets, movements of the ocean floor, sedimentation, etc
[C20: from Greek, from eu- + static]
eustasy, eustacy n
euˈstatically adv
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The results suggest that in addition to the effect of eustatic rise in mean sea level and its partial compensation by isostatic land uplift, the water level rose by up to 6 cm near the Estonian coast during 1950-2002, probably due to changes in wind climate.
There is strong evidence, that the drowning occurred in response to synsedimentary tectonics associated with an eustatic sea-level rise and environmental perturbations caused by the Early Aptian oceanic anoxic event Ia.
The appearance of these brachiopods in Estonia in the shallow-water environment (Benthic Assemblage 2) can be explained by the movement of deeper-water faunas into shallower environments during the eustatic seal level lowering at the time of the development of the Gondwana ice cap (Sheehan & Lesperance 1979).
(4) Depositional sequence Tc 2: In the Maria Pares section (Z) this sequence starts with the Calcarios em Plaquetas which, according to Duarte (1997a; 1997b), are the basal part MST2A of the mesosequence MST2 and document eustatic sea level fall.
Diagenetic Model for Carbonate Rocks in Mid-Continent Pennsylvanian Eustatic Cyclothems.
Furthermore, it says that the findings can be used to improve models of past glacial, eustatic, tectonic and geomorphic processes on continental shelves. 
"Observationally based facts document a present change in absolute (eustatic) sea level ranging between [+ or -]0.0 and +1.0 mm/yr," said the scientist, who has been monitoring sea levels around the world for decades and is widely regarded as one of the world's top experts in the field.
In Brazil, the formation of coastal lagoons was associated with eustatic oscillation processes during the Quaternary (Knoppers et al., 1999) which can be observed at all shorelines, but mainly in Rio de Janeiro and the Rio Grande do Sul States (Esteves, 1998).