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 (yo͞o′stēl, yo͞o-stē′lē)
A stele in which the primary vascular tissue is arranged in bundles around a pith, as in most seed plants.


a type of stele found in most seed plants, consisting of a central pith surrounded by the primary vascular tissue


(ˈyu stil, yuˈsti li)

n., pl. -steles. Bot.
an arrangement of the xylem and phloem in discrete strands, separated by areas of parenchymatous tissue.
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Arbustos erectos o compactos o trepadores o extendidos y postrados, dioicos o rara vez monoicos, con eustele, con vasos y traqueidas.
Nevertheless, such steles have been variously termed "eusteles," or "solenosteles of the Equisetum type," and so forth (Schmid, 1982).
The dictyosteles of species of Diplazium and Blechnum have been found to show basic similarities to those of closed eusteles of seed plants (White & Weidlich, 1995).