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1. Of, relating to, or formed at the lowest possible temperature of solidification for any mixture of specified constituents. Used especially of an alloy whose melting point is lower than that of any other alloy composed of the same constituents in different proportions.
2. Exhibiting the constitution or properties of such a solid.
1. A eutectic mixture, solution, or alloy.
2. The eutectic temperature.

[From Greek eutēktos, easily melted : eu-, eu- + tēktos, melted (from tēkein, to melt).]


1. (Chemistry) (of a mixture of substances, esp an alloy) having the lowest freezing point of all possible mixtures of the substances
2. (Chemistry) concerned with or suitable for the formation of eutectic mixtures
3. (Chemistry) a eutectic mixture
4. (Chemistry) the temperature on a phase diagram at which a eutectic mixture forms
[C19: from Greek eutēktos melting readily, from eu- + tēkein to melt]


(yuˈtɛk tɪk)

1. of greatest fusibility: said of an alloy or mixture whose melting point is lower than that of any other alloy or mixture of the same ingredients.
2. of or pertaining to such a mixture or its properties: eutectic salts.
3. a eutectic substance.
[1880–85; < Greek eútēkt(os) easily melted, dissolved]
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Noun1.eutectic - a mixture of substances having a minimum melting point
mixture - (chemistry) a substance consisting of two or more substances mixed together (not in fixed proportions and not with chemical bonding)
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The eutectic refrigerators chosen for the investigation and described in this paper are developed and produced as refrigerated bodies with an integrated refrigerating plant for delivery vans (permissible total weight 3.500 kg), to be used for the distribution of refrigerated goods (vegetables, meat, ice cream etc.) to the end consumers.
This new study varied the belt speed from 30 IPM to 60 IPM on a 75 gm, 360 g and 520 g board with eutectic and Pb-free recipes on a Pyramax 150 12-zone nitrogen reflow oven.
"What we have shown is that binary eutectic alloy nanostructures, such as quantum dots and nanowires, can serve as phase change materials.
The FreeZone-105 C 4.5-L benchtop freeze dry systems have ice holding capacity for light to moderate loads and have dual refrigeration systems for samples with low eutectic points--including ones containing small amounts of methanol or ethanol.
Eutectic (or leaded) and lead-free designs are widely different.
SN100C is a patented nickel-stabilized SnCu alloy, based on the eutectic Sn99.3Cu0.7% with a trace amount of nickel.
In this connection peculiarities of structure formation, morphology of eutectic, phase and chemical compositions of high speed steel R6M5 of electron beam remelting are investigated in this work.
As for surface finishes, hot air solder leveling (HASL) is used for eutectic boards, but is not conducive to lead-free assembly.
An advanced temperature profiling device and method eliminate eutectic control inconsistencies common in today's die-attach methods, and provides programmability for increased yield and throughput.
ChiliXpress rents out specially-designed insulated chilled XP Boxes (XPB's) with self-contained eutectic refrigeration.
The worldwide movement in the electronics industry to replace lead-tin eutectic solders with lead-free solders creates a need for critical data on the industry's new lead-free solder compositions for these design and reliability models.
Swiss engineering company Eutectic is to sell its UK headquarters in Redditch after deciding to move to new premises in the town.