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Of or relating to a eutectic mixture or alloy.
A eutectic mixture or alloy.


(Chemistry) a mixture of substances similar to a eutectic, but forming two or three constituents from a solid instead of from a melt
(Chemistry) concerned with or suitable for eutectoid mixtures
[C20: from eutect(ic) + -oid]


(yuˈtɛk tɔɪd)

1. resembling a eutectic.
2. a eutectoid alloy.
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The carbon content in the spearhead core was close to the 0.8% eutectoid composition (Fig.
Due to the addition of [beta] eutectoid element tungsten and neutral element stannum, the alloy possesses excellent mechanical performance combining strength, persistence and stability at the service temperature of 723-823 K.
Pearlite forms after eutectoid point when single phase austenite splits into two phases, cementite and ferrite.
The additional consideration of segregation effects of alloying elements allows for the accurate prediction of ferrite and pearlite growth during the eutectoid phase transfer.
In addition, copper shifts the eutectoid composition towards lower
The microenvironment at the rear of the plate had promoted selective attack on the copper-rich a-phase, which has higher concentrations of arsenic and zinc than the ([alpha]+[delta]) eutectoid. Thus it was established that one of the past microenvironments of the plate was a highly oxygenated, salt-laden moist environment.
Failure analysis of cold drawn eutectoid steel wires for prestressed concrete, Engineering Failure Analysis 13(3): 301-311.
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The coupons consisted of ferrite and eutectoid pearlite based on the light and gray constituent color from the microstructure image.