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put to death painlessly or allow to die rather than to suffer from an incurable and painful condition: The vet had to euthanize my terminally ill cat.
Not to be confused with:
euphemize – to substitute a mild expression for one thought to be offensive: using to pass air instead of to fart
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 (yo͞o′thə-nīz′) also eu·than·a·tize (yo͞o-thăn′ə-tīz′)
tr.v. eu·than·ized, eu·than·iz·ing, eu·than·iz·es also eu·than·a·tized or eu·than·a·tiz·ing or euthan·a·tiz·es
To subject to euthanasia.

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(ˈjuːθəˌnaɪz) or




(ˈjuːθəˌneɪz) or


(Medicine) (tr) to kill (a person or animal) painlessly, esp to relieve suffering from an incurable illness
Also called: euthanatize
[C20: back formation from euthanasia]
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(ˈyu θəˌnaɪz)

v.t. -nized, -niz•ing.
to subject to euthanasia.
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She added: "The drugs are things we use to euthanase horses so you wouldn't want that injected - it could be fatal."
Occasionally, just occasionally, that vet that you are castigating for having kept you waiting too long might just have had to euthanase a muchloved pet.
Often injuries are severe by the time the animals are found and we have to euthanase a small number of sheep every year after random dog attacks.
Once enacted, the Bill will provide local authorities with the power to seize, impound, return to the owner, sell, re-home or, as a last resort, euthanase horses by humane means when they are on land without lawful consent, the Minister said.
"So people get cats willy-nilly and when they are tired of them they dump them because there are no facilities to get rid of them and to euthanase a cat costs $300.
euthanase this fantastically blighted product of gestation.
Are the RSPCA willing to euthanase a perfectly healthy animal rather than allowme to rehome her, just because I''m having work done on my home?
Earlier this year, Birdwatch Ireland decided to "euthanase" the colony of feral cats on the island, despite strong opposition from animal rights activists.
Although he joked he would "humanely euthanase" anyone who begrudged the change of power at City Hall, he took pains to stress that his would not be a partisan administration.
"Then it's agreed that the most humane thing is to euthanase them within a couple of minutes of the injury happening to put them out of their suffering.
Nonetheless, only after Blanche returns to Gaston, helping him to euthanase his sick wife by jointly administering a lethal injection to the ailing woman, and Gaston is killed in a road accident, that she agrees to marry the long-suffering Raphael.