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1. Normal production of thyroid hormone.
2. Normal functioning of the thyroid gland.

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Restoring euthyroidism depends on many more factors such as patients' adherence to therapy, absorption of the drug, other medications used that may affect thyroid-binding globulin concentrations or interfere with absorption, concurrent illnesses leading to deiodinase dysfunction, and so on.
Remission was defined as biochemical euthyroidism at the time of collecting data after cessation of ATD for at least three months.
In any case, a patient experiences voice changes caused by the thyroid gland disorders, and these changes may disappear completely within 3-6 months after achieving euthyroidism [22].
All 30 patients were in hyperthyroidism state when the surgical option was planned, and they were undergone total thyroidectomy in a state of clinical or biological euthyroidism after medical therapy like antithyroid medications (Methimazole) and also received propranolol for control of cardiac associated thyrotoxic symptoms.
Subclinical thyroid alterations appear to be an intermediate state between euthyroidism and overt dysfunctions; therefore, a deeper exploring of underlying mechanisms involved in cardiovascular conditions in subclinical thyroid disease is important for early diagnosis or prevention in the course of cardiovascular diseases.
The first is true hypothyroidism and the second is known as "sick euthyroidism." When a low T4 value is noted on screening blood work, a complete thyroid panel is needed to differentiate between the two conditions.
Patients may have hypothyroidism or euthyroidism. No association could be established between short stature and thyroid functions, but it has been reported that hypothyroidism should be treated when diagnosed.6
The thyroid function of patients with HE may manifest as subclinical hypo-thyroidism, euthyroidism, overt hypothyroidism, or less frequently, hyper-thyroidism8.
Treatment with myo-inositol and selenium ensures euthyroidism in patients with autoimmune Thyroiditis.
In select patients such as those with severe hyperthyroidism or advanced age, thionamide therapy can be used to achieve euthyroidism before definitive treatment, noting that one of the major adverse effects of thionamide drugs, although not common, is hepatotoxicity.