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 (yo͞o-trŏf′ĭk, -trō′fĭk)
Rich in mineral and organic nutrients that promote a proliferation of algae and aquatic plants, resulting in a reduction of dissolved oxygen. Used of a lake or pond.

[From Greek eutrophos, well-nourished : eu-, eu- + trephein, to nourish.]

eu·troph′i·ca′tion n.
eu′tro·phy (yo͞o′trə-fē) n.
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Thus variables as gender (female and male) and nutritional status (underweight, eutrophia, overweight and obesity) were classified.
46% (n = 73, 60 women and 13 men), eutrophia in 63.
The categories that mostly contributed to the formation of the second dimension are: obesity and high body-checking; while for the third dimension was comprised by eutrophia, low and moderate body-checking.
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Gill's past and present clients include Todd Pletcher Racing, Michelle Nihei Racing, Anthony Dutrow Racing, Michael Stidham Racing, Mark Hennig Racing, John C Kimmel Racing, Gainsway Farm, Lanes End Farm, Glencrest Farm, Siena Farm, Hill N Dale Farm, Eutrophia Farm, Sunday Morning Thoroughbreds, and Valkyre Stud.