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v. e·vac·u·at·ed, e·vac·u·at·ing, e·vac·u·ates
a. To withdraw or depart from; vacate: The coastal areas were evacuated before the hurricane made landfall.
b. To withdraw or send away (troops or inhabitants) from a threatened area: The Coast Guard helped evacuate the citizens after the flood.
c. To relinquish military possession or occupation of (a town, for example).
2. To excrete or discharge waste matter from (the bowel, for example).
a. To empty or remove the contents of (a closed space or container).
b. To empty or remove (fluid, for example) from a closed space or container.
c. To create a vacuum in.
1. To withdraw from or vacate a place or area, especially as a protective measure: The mayor urged the residents to evacuate before the hurricane struck.
2. To excrete waste matter from the body.

[Middle English evacuaten, to expel (excessive or morbid humors) from the body (according to medieval theories of physiology), from Latin ēvacuāre, ēvacuāt-, to empty out : ē-, ex-, ex- + vacuus, empty (from vacāre, to be empty; see euə- in Indo-European roots).]

e·vac′u·a′tive adj.
e·vac′u·a′tor n.
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Road contractors on the busy Migori-Kisii road which is being tarmacked rushed an evacuator to the site and started the rescue process.
Those performing the treatment should wear surgical masks and use a smoke evacuator, as there are multiple known carcinogens and environmental toxins in the plume generated by laser hair removal," she said (JAMA Dermatol.
A project cannot be implemented without obtaining generation license, condition precedents of which are signing of power purchase agreement (PPA) with electricity evacuator and achievement of financial closure.
The smoke evacuator was connected to the electrocoagulator's handpiece, and aspirated the smoke from a distance of 5 cm from the blade.
Research has shown that more common barriers to noncompliance are: smoke evacuation devices and supplies are not available, physicians are resistant to change, the smoke evacuator is too noisy, or the staff is complacent and doesn't feel the need to comply with existing smoke evacuation policies.
On initiation of the removal of fragments and blood clots with Ellik evacuator, an audible blast and a sudden movement were felt at the suprapubic area by the surgeons.
Sold in more than 100 countries, Crosstex products include DentaPure[R] waterline treatment cartridges, sterilization pouches and accessories, patient towels and bibs, surface disinfectants and deodorizers, germicidal wipes, hand sanitizers, gloves, sponges, cotton products, saliva ejectors, evacuator and air/water syringe tips.
Excess gas is evacuated by a small evacuator which is attached to the outlet valve.
Founded in 1953 and headquartered in Hauppauge, New York, Crosstex sells innovative products including: sterilization pouches, chemical and biological monitoring products, patient towels/bibs, surface disinfectants, germicidal wipes, hand sanitizers, gloves, sponges, cotton products, sa- liva ejectors and evacuator tips.