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v. e·vad·ed, e·vad·ing, e·vades
1. To escape or avoid, especially by cleverness or deceit: managed to evade their pursuers; went underground in order to evade arrest.
a. To avoid complying with or fulfilling: evade the draft; evaded any legal responsibility.
b. To fail to make payment of (taxes).
3. To avoid giving a direct answer to: talked at length but evaded the interviewer's question.
4. To be beyond the memory or understanding of: The point of the article evades me.
1. To use cleverness or deceit in avoiding or escaping something.
2. To avoid complying with or fulfilling a requirement.

[French évader, from Latin ēvādere : ē-, ex-, ex- + vādere, to go.]

e·vad′a·ble, e·vad′i·ble adj.
e·vad′er n.
Synonyms: evade, elude, avoid, eschew
These verbs mean to get or stay away from something or someone undesirable. Evade implies adroit maneuvering and sometimes suggests dishonesty or irresponsibility: tried to evade jury duty. To elude is to get away from artfully: eluded their pursuers. Avoid suggests a prudent or deliberate effort to stay away from what is unpleasant, harmful, or disadvantageous: took the back roads to avoid the heavy traffic; followed his doctor's advice to avoid strenuous exercise. Eschew is a formal equivalent of avoid: "Eschew evil, and do good" (King James Bible).
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Any person isolated in hostile or unfriendly territory who eludes capture.
Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms. US Department of Defense 2005.
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(24) II: Perniile admodum erit sexto quoque anno Concilium provinciale celebrandum praefigere, eo quod innecessaria freaientior celebratio evadere videatur, prae oculis habita facilitate in communicatione quam hisce diebus omnes Ecclesiae habere queunt aim Romano Pontifice et Congregationibus Curiae Romanae, quod non adeo distai a schemate de hac re in Vaticano proposito.
sedrevocare gradum superasque evadere ad auras, /hoc opus, hie labor est.--"Trojan, son of Anchises, the descent by Avernus is easy...
Cosi ibsenianamente sincera verso Renato, Elena appare lacerata da impulsi contraddittori, da un lato desidera evadere dalla meschina materialita della vita, dall'altro e dichiaratamente incapace d'amare.
Sentono la necessita di evadere dalla staticita della vita di coppia, di muoversi al di fuori di essa per riattivare l'istinto e la vitalita di un tempo.
sic omnis sensus a me recessit, nil cogitans nisi hoc, si quo modo evadere possem mortis discrimen.'
In A Gela qualcosa di nuovo, at a certain point, the commentator cites Luigi Pirandello, stating: "Chi non esce dalla Sicilia, appena si e fatto uomo, sente acuirsi il desiderio di evadere. E piu e stretto dai vincoli, piU una fantastica irrequietezza lo tormenta al pensiero dell'avvenire." Different interpretations of these words are possible.