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tr.v. e·vag·i·nat·ed, e·vag·i·nat·ing, e·vag·i·nates
To cause (a body part) to turn inside out by eversion of an inner surface.

[Latin ēvāgīnāre, ēvāgīnāt-, to unsheath : ē-, ex-, ex- + vāgīna, sheath.]

e·vag′i·na′tion n.


n. evaginación, salida o protuberancia de un órgano o parte de éste de su propia localización.
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The pineal gland is localised in a third ventricle evagination called the pineal recess, and it maintains direct contact with the CSF.
The sciatic nerve involvement has been associated with the "pocket sign" related to a small peritoneal evagination often situated on the posterior part of the pelvis drawn downward the greater sciatic notch (31).
In addition, the processus vaginalis, an evagination of the parietal peritoneum, elongates through the internal inguinal ring between the internal and external oblique muscles, creating a path for the descending testis to reach the scrotum.
However, many microorganisms can survive in female insects (absent in adult males) and are incorporated in the later evagination structures, such as the bulb head, and in the end region of the ovipositor, as occurs in Anobiidae and Chrysomelidae.
DISCUSSION: The thyroid gland develops from an evagination of the developing pharyngeal epithelium that descends as part of the thyroglossal duct from foramen caecum at the base of the tongue to its normal position in the anterior neck.
The innermost layer, the tunica vaginalis, represents the evagination of the peritoneum (Tanagho & McAninch, 2000).
It is an evagination from the walls of the urogenital sinus and is the most common developmental aberration of the female tubular organ with a variable degree of hymenal persistence (Roberts, 1971 and Arthur et al.
The gallbladder is a secondary derivative of the embryonic foregut, arising as an evagination of the primitive bile duct that connects the embryonic liver to the developing intestine.
In Ekman-Westborg-Julin trait there are some other dental anomalies like multi-tubercu- lism dental evagination tooth impaction along with macrodontia while present case had only macrodontia
What I propose is that the only way to reconcile this antinomy with the rest of Lacanian theory is to interpret it as calling for the evagination or the turning of the phallic order back in upon itself, like the Minister's evagination of the purloined letter in Poe's tale.
Surstylus with 2 black spines, 1 situated on a small evagination and other on hemispherical broad extension.
In this region, a regular and elevated pattern of proliferation is observable from the evagination of the bud until advanced organogenesis in both Botryllus schlosseri (Tiozzo et al.