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tr.v. e·vag·i·nat·ed, e·vag·i·nat·ing, e·vag·i·nates
To cause (a body part) to turn inside out by eversion of an inner surface.

[Latin ēvāgīnāre, ēvāgīnāt-, to unsheath : ē-, ex-, ex- + vāgīna, sheath.]

e·vag′i·na′tion n.


n. evaginación, salida o protuberancia de un órgano o parte de éste de su propia localización.
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Adiantum flabellulatum, fern, fertilization pore, nuclear evagination, oogenesis
The maxillary sinus is the first of the paranasal sinuses to take form in the human fetus,v It develops during the fourth month of intrauterine life as a mucosal evagination in the center of the middle meatus.
The adenohypophysis, or anterior pituitary, is derived from an evagination of oral ectoderm of the dorsal median region of the stomodeum.
At 18 mm, the parotid bud is rostral and unbranched, appearing as an evagination from the lateral oral cavity area.
1-3] These lesions are most commonly found within the prostatic urethra, where they have been attributed to hyperplasia or evagination of the underlying prostatic ductal epithelium[1,3,4] or a metaplastic conversion of the overlying transitional epithelium.
The gallbladder is a secondary derivative of the embryonic foregut, arising as an evagination of the primitive bile duct that connects the embryonic liver to the developing intestine.
The patent processus vaginalis is an evagination of the peritoneum from the ventral abdominal wall into the inguinal canal formed as the testis descends into the scrotum in the seventh month of gestation.
Surstylus with 2 black spines, 1 situated on a small evagination and other on hemispherical broad extension.
The "nipple" sign is an evagination of redundant pyloric mucosa into the antrum (Figure 2).
stacking is accompanied by invagination or evagination and folding over
Furthermore, evagination of most of the redfish stomachs during collection caused losses of gastrointestinal parasites and rendered the worm counts unreliable.
The end result would seem to be an evagination of self such that the mystery of inner life extends outward into the world, with no important differences inhering between individual consciousness, pregnancy, a parent's care for its child after birth, and subject-object relations more generally.