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Vanishing or likely to vanish like vapor.

ev′a·nes′cent·ly adv.
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'Spectator' then, and was constantly in the company of Addison, and Steele, and Swift, and Pope, and all the wits at Will's, who are presented evanescently in the romance.
Stria 1 shallowly, evanescently grooved; striae 2-4 of shallow grooves with fine punctures; striae 5-8 shallowly grooved with moderate punctures; striae 8-9 deeply impressed.
SPRs are surface waves propagating at the interface between a dielectric and a metal, evanescently confined at the perpendicular direction.
Even if there is a point to any of these, even if you can take the understanding of the marine monstrous forward with the subcanny, say, the drive to translate what may be fleeting and evanescently useful constructs into foundations for analysis is deadly.